An ordinary girl


Welcome to my ordinary world!  I cook meals, wash dishes, dust furniture, scrub floors, and iron clothes.  (I do lots of ironing!)  I had a very unspectacular entry into this life.  When I was born, the doctors did not introduce me as a bouncing baby pastor’s wife.  I was just a baby girl, an ordinary baby girl to all except my proud parents.  That was in 1959.  In August of 1984, I was a blushing bride, an ordinary blushing bride to all except my adoring groom!

And that was the moment everything became extraordinary!  I became a pastor’s wife!  How did that happen?  I said, “I do!” to an ordinary fellow (except to me!) who had purposed to spend his life serving The Lord in full time ministry.  The conundrum was the ordinary me that was striving to be extraordinary!  After over thirty years in the ministry with my husband, I have learned myriad lessons.  The purpose of my blog is to invite you to join me on this journey.  I hope you will learn and laugh and love on the way with me.  It’s a wonderful path!

You will soon see that while I strive to be a good Christian example of a lady who loves The Lord with all her heart, deep down I’m simply an ordinary girl that deals with ordinary details of life-all by the grace of God and in His strength alone! Will you join me?


9 thoughts on “An ordinary girl

  1. Jinney Johnson

    Absolutely! How often should we expect an edition? It is already fun! Can’t wait to see it evolve. Love you my most extraordinary and loving daughter!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Kasey Hutchens

    Following 🙂 You and Jon are such a bright light of positivity and your love for each other is certainly inspiring! Can’t wait for future blogs!

    Liked by 1 person

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