The Bigger Lesson


That the teacher often learns the most has been well-confirmed by many an instructor.  And I was certainly reminded of that truth this week.  I’d even mentioned  earlier in the day how much I’d been learning in my preparation for our monthly Ladies’ Delight Bible study.  But my lesson was not learned during my studying and preparation.  No, no, no!  I was in need of a bigger lesson.  A much bigger lesson!

“Fill My Cup, Lord!”  What a great prayer for each of us to pray daily!  It was the theme of this month’s meeting, and I had energetically poured myself into the study and in carrying the theme through with a lemonade-based decor.  We even had fresh-squeezed lemonade donated by a local retailer, lemon-colored table cover and napkins, lime-colored plates, with a slice of lemon on each plate.  Cute!  I had brought my crystal pitchers to use as object lessons during our study.  Each lady would receive a beautifully printed poem in keeping with the lesson, student hand-outs were ready, and my lesson was double-checked!  I had spent much time in prayer, asking The Lord to graciously bless our time together.

I arrived at the church later than anticipated, but things were ready to go.  I hauled my goods into the church as gracefully as possible and began to set things in order.  The panic started when I realized my notes and handouts were NOT in the basket I’d so carefully packed to bring.  I dashed back and forth to the car several times, praying harder each time as I looked under the seats, between the seats, and in the trunk.  They were simply not there.  Going home was not an option since we have not yet moved up near our new church.  It would be at least a two hour commute.  I panicked!

So my prayer changed from a request to find the missing stack of papers to a fresh prayer of “Fill my cup, Lord!  Please help me to remember my main points again.”  I continued to look and pray while greeting the ladies as they arrived.    I was going to have to do the best I could without my notes.  I started the meeting with prayer for our meal, and then I grabbed a piece of paper to quickly write down what I could remember.  As I went to get my purse to retrieve a pen, I realized that it wasn’t the main points I needed to remember.  It was the Scripture passages.  God had never promised to bless my word, only His.  My heart was smitten as I realized that essentially what I had been doing was asking The Lord to “fill my cup” with my own carefully crafted outline!  My words!  To be honest, no one was going to be blessed by my words.  I quickly asked The Lord to forgive me and to bring the Scripture passages to mind that I needed to share that evening.

That’s when He answered my prayer!  As I reached for my purse, I noticed the stack of papers –  right beside my purse in the purple bag I’d put them in!  God was simply waiting for me to pray the correct prayer!  Oh, how my heart thrilled to realize what a powerful lesson I’d just been taught!  I must admit, I didn’t enjoy the panic or humbling that was needed, but I am grateful for the reminder The Lord gave me through the experience.  I was ready to rely completely on Him.  And once the teacher had learned her bigger lesson, she was more prepared to teach!


3 thoughts on “The Bigger Lesson

  1. Heather

    I think I did this all day as I was preparing for VBS. Wow! This was such a perfectly timed reminder. Thank you for sharing!!!


  2. Nancy McDonald

    There are lessons to be learned all around us, if our heart and mind are open to them. Thank you Linda for reminding me of that. I am so looking forward to more of your writings. You and Bro Jon have always been a blessing to me. P.S. You may correct my grammar and/or spelling if necessary. Love & miss you guys!


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