It’s been a GRAND year!   Our first three grandchildren were born within eight months of one another within the past year.  How exciting to see our children now nurturing their children.  I get a chuckle watching them hustle about, fixing bottles, searching for pacis, chasing rocket-fueled crawlers, retrieving dropped toys, packing diaper bags, and changing “yucky boppers”!  Oh, yes!  Parenthood!  What a busy time of life!

Babysitting my grandchildren has been a wonderful experience!  I suppose the “grandest” part comes from knowing two things:  one, these precious little ones are the source of such joy for my children; two, I can return these small blessings to their parents when things get too tough!  🙂 Grandparenting has given me the opportunity to view life completely differently now.  I have the time to ponder life more patiently.  I have much life experience through which I can evaluate life’s ironies.  Let’s just say, I’ve learned a great deal about humans through watching these precious new babies God has blessed us with this year.  Would you give me an opportunity to share what I’ve learned?

The following list has been accumulated during my year of observing three sweet young ‘uns.  Can you relate to any of them

1.   Every day can be an adventure.

2.   Just feed me and I’ll be happy.

3.   There might be something exciting in that box!

4.   I love the sound of my own voice.

5.   The things I desire tend to be those just out of reach while I ignore the toys within reach.

6.   I’m willing to attempt anything once.

7.   I am pretty sure I’m stuck and I want out of here.

8.   It doesn’t matter what’s being said as long as I have your attention.

9.   The things that are worst for me are the hardest to let go.

10.  Give it to me now.

11.  I know how to tear things apart; it’s much harder to put them back together!

12.  I’m counting on you to keep me safe.

13.  I will bulldoze an absolutely straight path over, under, or through any obstacle or advice to get what I really want.

14.  Chubby can be adorable.

I must admit, I can relate to quite a few of these observations.  It was really cute when I was young.  When I was young . . . .

I will leave you now to contemplate.  And please feel free to add to my list of observations.  As for me, I’m pretty sure it’s nap time!


4 thoughts on “GRAND-Truth

  1. Jinney Johnson

    Ah, yes! You brought back many memories of the way “things used to be” when we were doing our best to be the perfect picture of what grandparents needed to do and be. And to still be in the upright position and smiling when the parents came by to retrieve their little angels.

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