Because of Him!


(Please pardon the deviation from my normal blog format, but this is what I feel led to share.  This brief excerpt from a longer manuscript I’ve written is not intended to give you a chuckle, but rather to give you thoughts to ponder.  I hope it encourages you as you allow it to sink into the very core of your heart and increase your adoration of our dear Lord.)

It stuns me to recognize how intricately the character of God affects every aspect of my life.  His profound character allows me to function properly in the most menial of daily chores and in the much weightier issues, as well.

Behind every one of God’s actions lies an underlying attribute for which I can praise Him.  As I consider His works, both in history and in the present, I gain a broader understanding of His character and how each trait impacts my daily life.   I begin to realize that because of His great love, I no longer bear the burden of my sin.  Due to His strength, I can make it through another day.  Because of His wealth  and generosity, I need not have undue concern regarding my finances.  His ability to heal means I need not fear bad news from the doctor.  His power and order assure me the sun will come up in the morning, the moon will shine at night, and each planet will remain hung securely in space.  His wisdom allows me to trust that His leading in my life is only right and good.  Because of His immutability, I am certain that what is right will never change.  His faithfulness means I can count on every promise He has made.  And because of His compassion, I will always have a Friend Who loves me!  The list continues.

What peace I find in knowing His fine character controls my life hour  by hour!  With pleasure, I worship and adore my dear Lord!  With gratitude, I praise Him!

“O magnify the LORD [and His perfect character] with me,      and let us exalt His name together!”  Psalm 34:3