A Clock I Cannot Trust!


I have time issues at my house.  Two nights ago, I forgot if the time was 2:30 am or 3:30 am.  I forgot it when I saw the bathroom clock.  It read 6:40 am, a mere twenty minutes before I had set my alarm to go off.  I had been awakened by pain and had stumbled through the dark to get medicine from the bathroom cabinet.  As I turned on the light,  I realized that putting eight bulbs in a fixture directly above a mirror makes it seem like sixteen blindingly-bright bulbs, especially in the middle of the night!  Normally, I either leave the light off and plod around the house in total darkness in the wee hours of the night, or, if I must turn on the light, I open only one eye.   I’ve become quite adept at it.  But that night, in order to make sure I took the correct medication, I turned on the light and opened both eyes.  That’s when I looked at the clock.  I had already checked the time on my phone before I crawled out from between the covers, but when I noticed the bathroom clock, I assumed I’d misread the time on my phone.  Since I was to get up so soon, I went ahead and plugged in my towel warmer (yes, I’m a spoiled momma!) to ensure my towel was comfortingly warm when I took my bath a short while later.  After gulping down a couple of pills, I turned out the light, made my way down the hallway in the pitch dark, and crawled back into bed, greatly desiring to get a few more minutes of much-needed rest.  In that desire, I was not disappointed.  That twenty minutes of sleep I grabbed seemed like several hours.  In fact, I was feeling much relief already from the pain when my alarm rang.

I ambled back to the bathroom to start my bath water.  A few minutes later, as I squinted across the small room from the tub, I noticed the wall clock looked as if it had not changed time at all.  I became rather suspicious.   Without my glasses on, I could not be certain.  But a few minutes later, when I got a closer look, I realized that, indeed, the clock had stopped approximately twelve hours earlier, and the time I’d seen on my phone had been correct after all.  I began to wrack my mind, wondering what time I had actually been up.  It mattered.  It mattered because I needed to know when I could take more medicine.  One hour can make a difference when scheduling dosages.  I honestly could not remember if it had been 2:30 am or 3:30 am.  As it turned out, I held out on my second dosage as long as possible, just to make sure I didn’t over-medicate myself.  I survived. That was two days ago.

Today, however, when I happened to glance up at that miscreant time-teller, I saw the second hand click-clicking around the dial quite perkily.  I assumed my husband had gotten a new battery installed before I did.  But when I questioned him about it later, he assured me that he’d not done a thing about it.  We had actually replaced the battery in that clock not too long before, so I had not put a new battery in.  I expected to replace the whole unit.  So I was happily surprised to see it working again.  A bit later, however, I began to wonder if keeping that clock was wise. It was cute, but could I trust it to keep correct time?    The bathroom clock is, in my case, probably the most important time keeper in the house.  I count on it to alert me to exactly how many minutes I have left to overhaul my hair and make-up.  It’s unsettling to think it might not tell me the truth!  (That could cause serious trouble!)  It had already deceived me twice, once before we replaced the battery, and once again the previous night.  The decision is still out as to the clock’s destiny.

I have another clock I cannot trust as well.  The clock on my nightstand is untrustworthy two weeks out of the year.  It’s a “modern” clock that automatically changes time for daylight savings time.  It’s a handy idea . . . when it works.  In the many years I’ve had the clock, not once has it changed time on the proper night!  It changes the time randomly within a week before or a week after the official time change.  As of right now, because of the time of year, I know I am within just a few weeks of that clock once again becoming untrustworthy.  I suppose I should ask for new clocks for my birthday or Mother’s Day or something.  After all, what good is a clock that cannot be trusted?   If you cannot trust it to tell the correct time EVERY time, how do you know you can trust it ANY time!

Trust.  It must be earned.  And it must be kept.  Once trust is broken even once, it becomes suspicious every time.  I don’t believe I need to explain the application here.  My readers are smart.

“He that is faithful in that which is least is faithful also in much.”  Luke 16:10

(And, for those of you who were wondering and needed my story to come full circle, my towel was deliciously warm that morning. Three or four hours will make it quite toasty!)


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