Out of Her Way!


LEGO pieces, specks of lint, tiny toes, coins, marbles, toys, socks, Candyland game pieces — what do these all have in common? They’ve all found their way into the mouth of a baby.

We have a granddaughter who fits that description. She’ll be one next week. But Dora the Explorer has nothing on her! Our little explorer loves testing her new teeth on everything, as if the world were, truly, her smorgasbord. And between crawling, walking, climbing, and slithering, she can reach it all. (Well, enough of it to keep me racing, at least!)

I don’t mind her curiosity.  It’s a big world! I love watching her experience new textures, tastes, sounds, and activities. She learns a little more with each one. I’m grateful she’s healthy enough to get into her baby-sized mischief.

These days prove particularly challenging with packing boxes throughout the house. Everything is out of place. Seating space has disappeared. Bits and pieces of this and that liter the floor. And our girl appears to have accepted the challenge to get into all of it.

Before she arrives, I try to get as much out of her way as possible. Glass items get moved higher. Spillables get pushed out of reach (although a couple days ago I found she’d grown taller than I realized when she pulled her brother’s bowl of Spaghettios off the table. Yeah –  Spaghettio clean-up duty AGAIN!  🙄)  Delicate trinkets get hidden behind larger pieces. I remove laptops and charging cords from her reach. The floor gets vacuumed. I also try to keep bits of leaves and grass the dogs traipse into the house picked up throughout the day.

Some day, our little darling will know how to enjoy and care for these items. But, for now, I’ll keep shoving things out of her way and telling her “No-no!”

Why do I take such care? You already know the answer, don’t you? It’s because I love my granddaughter. I do the same thing for my other four grandchildren, as well, because I love them ALL.

A few weeks ago, our three year old grandson woke from his nap and walked out with the top of my Kalanchoe in his mouth! (He loves his vegetables, and I guess it looked like salad?) Although I never really thought he’d be tempted to eat it, that houseplant would never have been in that room if it had any toxicity. Because you just never know. I want Papa and Mimi’s house to be a safe place for these precious, pint-sized family members.

Isn’t that what God does at times? He places some trinkets of life out of reach. Pushed back. Seemingly hidden. Sometimes, He’s taken an opportunity right out of my fingers. At times, I must admit to feeling not merely disappointed, but downright gypped at what has been kept from me. I don’t  understand. I have no idea why He would remove such joy and possibility from my embrace. I am tempted to throw an adult fit. (Is there such a thing?)

That’s when I must remember why He does these things.  I’m His child. He loves me. He’s protecting me. He knows what’s best for me.

Remember the Mr. Yuk stickers which were placed on poisonous materials? Unfortunately, life doesn’t come with such warning labels. I’m often tempted to get into danger with no knowledge of the consequences. When I ask for His guidance, He lifts inferior opportunities out of reach. He closes doors. He removes toxic influences and people from my life. He’s doing it all for my good.

Faith helps me realize He would never withhold good from me. He cares too much to do so. Someday it will make sense.

And some day Mimi’s sweet grands will understand why she says no.

“No good thing will He withhold from them that walk uprightly.”

 Psalm 84:11


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