We Can Fix That. Sorta.


Such a howl! I was fairly certain the world had come to an end.

And for my three year old grandson, it had. His freshly-peeled banana had broken. He cried inconsolably. I realize a fractured banana is inedible to a toddler, but I wasn’t going to throw away a perfectly good (in the eyes of an adult) piece of fruit.

But what to do. Think fast, Mimi!

I’ve heard it said that “Duct tape and WD-40 can fix anything.” Knowing WD-40 offered no help in this case, I decided to try the miracle tape.

Bananas will not withstand too much handling, so I tore off a fairly large piece of tape to make sure I “fixed” it on the first attempt.

I laid the offending fruit on the kitchen table as if preparing it for surgery. I slid the damaged piece as far back into its peel as possible. Then I pulled the torn strips up around it and gently wrapped it in the silver tape.

Voila! The banana looked . . . odd. It would have looked better if  someone developed banana print duct tape. I’m sure there is a market waiting for it among parents fighting similar “toddler wars.” But, guess what? I was able to cajole my grandson into eating over half of the “repaired” fruit! (I got lucky on that one. I’m not sure I’d have eaten it! 😂)

I looked at the remains of that silly banana a while later. I honestly laughed out loud. It was a mess! It had accomplished its purpose, but it looked ridiculous.

I began to reminisce on other situations in life I’d recklessly attempted to fix. Admittedly, in spite of grandiose attempts and a few successes, I’ve made some grand messes. Not every trial in life involves bananas. Not every remedy involves Duct tape.

Despite the claims, tape cannot heal broken bones, hearts, and budgets. Neither magical WD-40 nor any other essential oil can truly soothe relationships, weariness, foolishness, or disappointment.

But there is a Cure.

My heart cannot help but find hope and solace in knowing God can “fix” any dilemma I face. I imagine He has looked down numerous times upon my home remedies in dismay, yearning for me to ask His help. Not only can He remedy my problems, but He can use them to prove Himself to me.

He has never promised to withhold trouble from my life. Problems exist for all of us in this broken-down world. But He uses situations which are out of my control to show me He is in control.  I need trials to understand His power. I need a broken heart to know of His ability to tenderly comfort me. I must have needs in order to experience His provision.

He may decide to eliminate my problem. But He may not. He knows in some situations I will learn more by continuing to endure the trial with His enabling mercy.  He may desire to use my hurt to show others His sustaining grace.

He will do what is best. I’m so grateful!

I will continue to keep Duct tape and WD-40 on my garage shelf for random emergencies such as I faced this morning. But I will always keep God’s Word closer – on my bed stand and in my heart to remind me of His limitless ability to mend my messes!

Making messes tends to be MY specialty!